Advanced Step-By-Step SEO Tutorial (2018)


If you want higher Google rankings, this SEO tutorial is for you.

In my experience, success with search engine optimization comes down to getting the fundamentals right. Then moving onto advanced SEO strategies and techniques.

And that’s exactly how this SEO tutorial is structured.

First, you’ll learn how to improve your site’s loading speed. As you see in the video, site speed is a misunderstood Google ranking signal. I show you the true impact of loading speed and rankings.

Next, we tackle technical SEO — a critically important part of succeeding with SEO.

Once we cover technical SEO, it’s time for keyword research. I show you my 3 favorite ways of finding uptapped keywords that your competition doesn’t know about (#2 is my favorite).

Now that you have a keyword, it’s time to create content around it. But not just any content, content that makes people say: “WOW!”. I’ll teach you some actionable tips to do just that.

Finally, it’s time to promote your content. Most people fail with SEO because they don’t do anything to promote their stuff (besides sharing it on social media). But to rank in Google, you need backlinks. And I show you one of my favorite link building strategies of all time (step-by-step).

And at the very end of the video I have a bonus tip for you. I show you how to optimize your site for Google RankBrain, which is easily one of the most important developments in SEO over the last few years.

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  1. Great content. There are soooo many videos that just bla bla about 'how important SEO is'. Brian is a doer. Simply, he get to the core and show you want to do. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for this video Brian. You just always come with something new. I am gonna try these strategies to get better ranking. Can you share how you build your backlinks for I mean all manually or hired some company?

  3. Great video with amazing information,
    Could you tell me which software you are using for editing your videos. I like it pretty much
    Thanks man

  4. Hi Brian Dean, i developed a site which will save title, body content every thing in data base. here whats my doubt is can google search engine read title which actually comes from data base? please help me

  5. @Brian Dean. you missed the untapped keyword in search console that you said you will talk about later, what about that?

  6. Hey I am a youtuber and I am just amazed with the small animations you make in video. The infographics, the theme between two slides and that amazing white and green colours. Can I know how you make your videos, so that I can make the videos more interesting. Please help me.

    Thank you

  7. You are awesome! thanks for the video. I think on-page work like page speed is the first thing to do as it is easy to do comparing to things like link building.

  8. Hi Brian, new subscriber here. I love your content. I have a question. How do you make your YouTube videos? How do you slide in the web pages and images and make the transition look amazing. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

  9. thanks for the great information , we are keep watching you and we are achieving resuals .
    hope to introduce the case study of ranking the google my buissness account with certain keyword we are working on that as we seen many competitor are working on it .
    thanks again

  10. Hi Brain you videos are so good and I learned most of the SEO from them. I have question and it would be great if you can help or any one with experience.I have a job aggregator that gets jobs from different job boards mainly focus UK and USA.I started do SEO about 4 months. I have noticed that my impressions go up I have about 300-500 impression a day ,200 click a month and when compare my position in web master tools in general is going up comparing to previous periods. I know that SEO takes times but are these numbers normal? or it is too low just I am confused from different feedback that I hear from people such as you are in competitive area and I want to make sure that I am investing mt time doing the right things.Thank you a lot

  11. Hi Brian, in SEMrush's system, it does not include Taiwan in the list. Is there any alternative search that you could suggest? Thank you and your video is awesome!

  12. A friend of mine argues that SEO is only for web developers. I recently graduated Marketing at University. However, I know everything for SEO but just in theory. There are tons of blogs and videos about SEO on internet. Unfortunately, all this is just a theory! How it works practically? Is SEO a software that you download and install on your PC? If so it makes sense. You just run the SEO software, go to your website and make the optimization you want. Don't get me wrong! I am not a web developer and I can't work with HTML, Java, C++ etc. The question is: can I work with SEO if I can't write a code? Thanks!


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