Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies for 2017!


See what SEO methods I use to get 200,000+ people to find me in organic search on Google and YouTube every month! Hear my Search Engine Optimization plans for 2017 to get to 300,000+ a month by the end of the year! Finish this class free at with 7 more pro tips that were not mentioned in the video! Keep watching here on YouTube to enjoy a tutorial featuring Google webmaster tools, alexa, YouTube analytics, WordPress pages, Yoast SEO, Google search on a competitive keyword term, answers about Fiverr backlink gigs, and more! Here is a short summary!

The number one tip for SEO is to look at YouTube to bring your search results much more than your website. All the hustling and tricks and things you’ll do on your website are nothing compared, for most of us, to the traffic we can get on YouTube because most everyone works on their Google search but there’s very low competition still on YouTube. For SEO, the number one thing, go where there’s low competition. Now, I appreciate you getting started with this and we’re going to dive much deeper into SEO including website SEO in great detail here and I’d make sure get this number one thing out its said here first so that you know this going forward.

One of the most powerful SEO strategies to do is to partner with a third party who will give you the tools and ability to rank a page high on their website. Because on your little website, on my little website, it’s very hard for me to go compete with a website like Udemy and that’s why big websites have huge power. Because look, you search for a hacking course and not only does this Udemy course comes up, but another Udemy course comes up also. Two Udemy courses in the top of search results.

To me, a good SEO approach has both these top pages that bring in, this one page alone brings in about 100 people a day and this page brings in about 60 or 70 people a day. To have top pages that bring lots of people in, but then you don’t usually discover pages without having depth, without having all these different pages to figure out and take a chance at having a top page.

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  1. The people who stated this was a waste of time, it’s
    actually true. Most of your social media like pages have solid Google Ranking
    number verses your standard website. I have been working on my website for over
    3 years, and as much as I try to set it higher.. its been difficult. Yet my
    Facebook like page has a solid 3.

  2. i think you are fogeting providing value to your clients. I know its easy to rank youtube videos but what does a mom and pop business have use for youtube videos. i have seen other people preaching the use of youtube videos but i cant validate ranking YT vids because i dont beileive they bring value to my clients. in what situation would it benifit a local business jerry? not hating just confused at to why this is so popular. great video. cheers

  3. I always check comments first before i watch a youtube video that is a tutorial,, and i cant help but point out that i really love how Jerry responds to criticisms,, whether big or small,, with the usual

    I appreciate your feedback.

    Hahahahah Jerry u a star

  4. Jerry, do you have a video on how to add myself like you did here in front of your tutorial, seo strategy. Thank you. Lauren

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