How to Get Higher Google Rankings in 2018 [New Checklist]


Want higher Google rankings in 2018? Then make sure to check out this new case study.

In today’s video you’ll see how my SEO checklist helped Proven increase their organic traffic by 88.3%.

Specifically, you’l learn…

Why “Zombie Pages” can doom your search engine rankings… and how to identify and eliminate them. In fact, as you’ll see, Sean from Proven ended up deleting 40k pages!

The next step in my SEO checklist can improve Google rankings FAST. And that step is cleaning up technical SEO issues.

Third, we’ve got on-page SEO. Here’s where I show you how to optimize your content around your target keyword (or keywords).

Next, I show you how to optimize your site around two new-ish ranking factors: click-through-rate (CTR) and dwell time. Both are becoming more and more important parts of Google’s algorithm.

Now that your content is optimized for keywords and user experience signals, it’s time to speed up your site’s loading speed. I show you two cool SEO tools that you can use to improve your site’s loading time.

Last but not least, it’s time to publish a piece of content using the Skyscraper Technique. The fact is: if you want higher Google rankings, your content needs to be significantly better than what’s out there. And that’s where this step comes into play.

All in all, I hope this SEO checklist helps you improve your Google rankings.

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  1. 1. Delete underperforming pages, zombie pages, 2. Cleanup technical issues 3. On page seo 4. Boost ctr by optimizing title tag and meta description, 5. Dwell Time: bounce or stay on your page, intros are so important! 6. Improve webpage load speed, 7. Skyscraper technique

  2. very nice info and presentation!
    So much to consider with SEO. Great tips! I'm gonna get compressing some images tonight!

  3. Hi Brian,
    Great check list,
    My website is stuck on most of 2 page and out of top 5 … in short i have to say i am out of the market with my business. can you suggest me how can i uplift my ranking.

  4. Brian your videos are amazing but you are overemphasizing the low volume endings in your speech and sentences. Speak naturally, this is YouTube not a TV channel. It's actually slightly annoying to me. Just feedback, don't want to sound rude but to help you!

  5. Thanks Brian. I subscribed. I'm a noeb to this. I'm a mech engineer by day and a bladesmith by night

  6. I really like your section on formatting and how to increase dwell time on your pages. Like by making the page easier to read by making the text bigger. But I did not see anything about backlinks. I

  7. The first tip I'll try first is deleting zombie pages since it's the easiest. But I still have a question. How do you compress images?

  8. He goes so fast the only way I can follow along is to slow it down to 0.5. Now he sounds like an extremely high functioning alcoholic.

  9. Thanks for sharing these updates Brian. The changes to Google this year have been crazy, but the basics are important!

  10. Thanks for this video. I'm currently working with a food sustainability brand. We're trying to increase our Google rankings, but as we just launched our site about 2-3 weeks ago, we haven't even been listed yet. I'll definitely be using this checklist to try to boost our rankings asap.


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