How to optimize image files for SEO in Hindi Urdu


how to optimize image files for SEO in Hindi Urdu ,How to optimize your images for SEO.Images play a major role in modern website design and also images are a great way to communicate information for relaying your message. Using visual symbols to increase your conversion rates are common strategy that almost all web sites utilize. Although this being the case, and although most of the information regarding image optimization techniques are plentiful on internet, most of them fail to explain how you can and should utilize images so that Google can make the relation between your web page (and the keywords you are targeting) and your images.
Learning how to optimize images for SEO will help you with user experience and search engine optimization.
you can improve SEO for images dramatically. SEO optimization for images is not always straightforward and intuitive, but once you learn the basics, it is easy to implement.
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With a few easy steps you’re on your way to having a much better optimized blog for search engines and massive free traffic!
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Additional to the Stuff I tell you in the video of course the Alt Tag and description should always be filled with your Keyword.
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