How to optimize shopify store page for better SEO using title, description and url


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In this Shopify how to video I will teach you simple technique to optimize your store pages by using the title, description and url of each page.

You should also make an excel sheet of your website keywords and the pages you optimize to better follow your progress.

Using this simple technique and my few tips you will increase your chances of better ranking on the top page in Google and the other search engines.

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  1. If you're going to show "HOW" to do something, you might want to start by showing how to find the Shopify pages on which you are making changes. I didn't learn HOW to do anything practical.

  2. Can you elaborate a bit more on why you want to track those fields in a spreadsheet? I use an app to back up my whole site, so I wouldn't do it to prevent accidentally losing data. Are you doing it to be able to change your keyword strategy without having to log into a page to see what you're using?

  3. Why would you have your business name for keywords? You're ranking for keywords not your business name. If your site has low authority your business name wouldn't even do anything, no one would even search your business name. Where are you getting the keywords data from? are you just thinking them on top of your head? use google key planner to find volume. You should also use longtail keywords, most likey the keywords your using it's too simple and high authority site are already ranking for them and that is goning to be hell trying to out rank them.


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