How To Perfect Your “On-Page” SEO Optimization So You Can Crush The Rankings… RIGHT NOW!

views – If you think you know on-page SEO optimization, think again.

In this EPIC Passive & Massive webinar, I’ve asked one of our MOST requested guests, and the SINGE BEST SEO I KNOW to return – Dr. Stephen Floyd.

Stephen dropped some very serious knowledge about on page optimization and I was lucky enough to have him make his 1st public announcement for (what I consider to be) the BEST SEO COURSE around, “Bulletproof SEO”

Grab your notepads and pens, because this webinar is PACKED with golden nuggets folks!

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  1. Thanks a lot for this info, Im locking forward to improve my local websites you know, its hard when you are a local family business and you are computing against corporations, but with knowledge I know I can rank better.

    And yeah the yellow pages this year came like 1/4 of last year size, Im not kidding you!.

  2. Wow. Whatever happened to "succinct"?

    I question how good your sites are when you have videos like this with no useful information in the first 5 minutes. I'm not trying to find a shortcut to six-pack abs or pick up hot russian girls guaranteed. I'm just looking for information about SEO.

    Poor presentation breaks the first rule of Content is King.


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