Is a Single Page Website okay for SEO?


How does a single page website stack up for SEO? Is it better to have a multi-page website for search engine results? Kori Ashton gives her opinion. Learn More about SEO



  1. Good looking site. Well done! Though I would go for a sticky header if you're designing a one pager. Which layout builder did you use to create it?

  2. A quick question and i hope you could help me out on this one. I would like to make a pfd file downloadable for my client on his website. However, the download link that opens in the browser includes the website files hierarchy location that is something x/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/x.pd . It is obvious from this link that the website was built with wordpress due to the wp-content element in it. is there any way that i could change the name of the file wp-content without affecting my whole website hierarchy files?

    Thank you for all the good work you always provide us 5*

  3. Because of my bad English, I could not fully understand your video.I can get read but I do not understand well. It seems that you say it is not so bad or not so good. But you prefer multiple pages. For my final understanding: It is good to use a page for Google SEO?

  4. I was wondering if you guys could do a video on what is your Web design progress and how you take on a project. Awesome videos!

  5. We'd like to hire your services for SEO. How can I get in-touch with your team? We do use Google Adword so do we need REALLY need expensive SEO services to rank higher in organic searches?


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