On Page SEO or Off Page SEO? – Webinar About Search Engine Optimization – Tutorial and Tips


On Page SEO or Off Page SEO? – Webinar About Search Engine Optimization – Tutorial and Tips

On Page SEO is anything that is on the page. So that is in the code – the HTML, on the render page. Off Page SEO is things that are on the other pages of the website or other websites altogether. These might also be other things that Google pays attention to like your domains whois records, that keep a history of your activity. Spam and spammy behaviour is prevented and avoided this way.

The off page stuff is becoming more difficult and elusive for SEO’s and marketers to figure out, because Google keeps changing it’s criteria. It is not simple to even figure out what these off page factors are and Google is becoming smarter and smarter. Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly big part of Google’s algorithm.

The basic component every company needs to concentrate on for Off Page SEO is firstly getting links or backlinks as they are called. One link is basically one vote, but not all votes are considered equal. A link from a better ranked and more respected website will be worth alot more than a link from a badly ranked site. You need to look for quality links, which are ideally relevant to your industry, important, authoritative and trusted. The placement of the link also matters. The most valued link will be in the body of the page.

The domain is also an important factor. The age and name of the domain are crucial to Google and your ranking. Also the number of years that you paid for at your registration of the domain matters. If it is only registered for a year of two it will not look as good and genuine to Google’s ranking algorithm.

There is no real way to know how high Google ranks your page and you can never know what the PR or Page Rank of your website really is. There are some tools that approximate Page Rank but it is not completely accurate. You should use multiple tools at a time to get optimal results and a somewhat accurate rank.

The most important On Page factor is the title tag. You can easily check this with a simple Google search of your website and it could change your Search Engine Optimization techniques forever. They need to have good keyword phrases, they need to be compelling and they cannot be broad or uninformative.

On page SEO is as important as off page SEO. You need to focus on both equally for the search engine optimization of your blog to be successful. Search Engine Optimization is an important Industry that is heavily influenced by the seo keyword tool. If the tool is not advanced enough you can even get an seo keyword plugin.

If you are not sure what is SEO or how to do SEO on page search you have come to the right place. We will teach you all about search engine optimization and we will work on your knowledge of on page ranking factors. On page optimization consists of different ranking factors.

If you need to SEO check you will be glad to hear that there are many free seo tools. Search engine marketing is dependent on great seo analysis and making a seo ranking report. Free optimization tools are offered by a website called MOZ. Google also offers a few tools that will help you with your keyword search. Optimization is often done by a seo analyzer who usually will not use a free seo check or free seo tools but will look into best seo methods that are most of the time paid.



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