SEO Bangla Video Tutorial – How to Optimize H1 and H2 Tag for Better SEO Ranking


SEO Bangla Tutorial – Optimize your H1 and H2 tag for better search engine ranking. H1 indicates one of the best-ranking signals for any web page and blog post.

This SEO Bangla tutorial is all about h1 and h2 tag. I will give a clear idea about h1 and h2 tag and also provide you the best h tag optimization tips.

What is an h tag?
The h1 is an HTML tag that indicates a heading on a website.

Why Should I Use H1 Tags?
H1 tag is one of the major Google ranking factors
H1s are usually the most visually notable content on the page.

H1 Tag Optimization Tips
Use only one h1 tag of every page and post on your site
H1 should describe the main topic of your page.
The h1 should be from 20-70 characters
H1 tag should be big, strong and notable
Use your main focusing keyword in your H1 tag
Make it natural don’t keyword stuff

H2 tag Optimization tips

You can add more than one H2 tags
Add your main focusing keywords

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  1. Hi, I have one HTML website which my develop has made & I have checked there is already h1 ——h5 tag available so now how I can optimize all the tag for better search engine ranking? Please answer


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