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Today I am going to introduce you to a new tool that will increase your quality score and overall optimize your website.

This tool allows you to do a full analysis of your site to uncover hidden issues. Using this data you will be able to resolve and improve the on-page performance of your website which should result in a significant traffic increase. The average time for this tool to generate a full analysis is less than 15 minutes which is next to no time at all. What’s even better, the tool structures the data in such a way that it gives you an instant visual overview of your site’s structure. You may be surprised to discover that your once thought optimized site is in fact not optimized at all…. so let’s get started, I will show you exactly what the tool is, how to use it and within minutes you will find things about your website that you had no idea where there.

The tool is called “Screaming Frog” which can be downloaded for Windows, Mac and Linux, covering all the important Operating Systems. What is even better is that the tool is free to use for up to 500 pages, so if your site has less than 500 pages, then you are good to go!

The first thing you want to do is let Screaming Frog crawl your site. It actually crawls pretty quickly considering the data it spits out. In this example I will be crawling http://www.clutchkills.com and under “Filter” you want to choose the HTML tab.

The second thing that I do is check “Page Titles” in order to get an instant visual to how the titles for the site has been arranged and organized. This is often very revealing as you get to see how Google sees your site in terms of titles. Right off the bat, you can see the ClutchKill’s titles are horrible as you can instantly see that the titles are repeating. Therefore, Google is looking at these titles and coming to the conclusion that every single article is effectively the same or at the very least very similar. So rather than having 90% of titles being the same, we want to reverse that so 90% of titles are different and unique, promoting Google to assume each article is unique to each other.

Next we want to look at the meta description section. This too can be revealing and will realize you sometimes have the same meta description repeated over and over again, where sometimes you notice you do not have a meta description when you should have one.
I strongly recommend writing meta descriptions, particularly if your best articles do not have any. Also remember that website categories can rank very well, so do not forget to add descriptions for them too!

Next we look at meta keywords. Yes we know that Google pretty much ignores these, but some search engines such as Yahoo & Bing still considers meta keywords a bit. In fact this is particularly useful for eCommerce website, if you run www.amazon.com through Screaming Frog, you will see that Amazon still introduce meta keywords. Of course meta keywords will not create miraculous results, but it is an optional thing to do.

Next we look at H1 which are often very revealing and a quick note, you really only want to have one H1. If you do not have any H1s at all then you are in big trouble, you always want to have an H1 and make sure it is related to what the article is about, if in doubt create an H1 that is related to the URL of that page.

Now we moved onto the H2s and this is where things usually get interesting. In the example of ClutchKills, we see that all the H2s on each article are exactly the same…..not good! What is even worse the H2 in this case is called “Recent Post” and that has no relevance to the articles of each presutlsage. As a result Google thinks that all the articles are about the same thing – Recent Posts.
The best thing to do is have several H2s within each article that are related to the topic of the article. I would highly advice watching this video that explains more precisely what I mean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-OwB3FYaaQ&t=10s

Next we take a look at images…. to find out more, just watch the video.


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