WordPress Onpage SEO Explained – How-to Do It RIGHT!!!


WordPress Onpage SEO Explained – How-to Do It RIGHT!!!
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WordPress Onpage SEO Explained – How-to Do It RIGHT!!!

Please watch: “How-to Make A WordPress Website 2016 In 60 Minutes – Business or Restaurant, Create Build Develop”
→ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0j1NzwuBvSw

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  1. How adding xml sitemap on wordpress page actually helps just want to know background? I mean how sitemap helps in seo for example? 🙂

    Please make more videos on SEO and teach us technical aspect by performing them.

  2. Nice tutorial.
    However, when I installed Yoast I notice that I have to upgrade to the premimium version.
    Why I don't see that in your tutorial?

  3. great video adam sir, i have one question for you I am using cloudflare free service with code minification and caching and mobile accelerate so I need any caching plug-in or site minification or mobile accelerate ….sir tell me your opinion about this I'm very confused ☝️

  4. Hello Thanks for this tutorial on Yoast SEO, am a newbie myself and i have learnt a couple of stuff. But i have a Question am managing a Event Venue website where couples could make enquries before booking there wedding venue i want my listing items to come up on Google when ever its search base on the Venue Name and the Location Name.if you have a Video you can refer me to it would be great Thank you

  5. Thank you, you are an excellent teacher. I watched all your tutorial videos and I'm trying to correct it one by one on my website. I don't know how to do it right correctly in one shot and it will take months and months before my website to complete. The reasoned behind it I'm a newbie and zero knowledge about tech language and coding. So, my website isn't optimized and no index in google. It's ok because I'm still learning this stuff. This video I learned about SEO, thank you again. I subscribed to your channel just now. I have a youtube channel not doing good this is another one needs CPR but I'm not giving up.


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